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A: Yes, we send all of our customers, updates via e-mail. You will receive an e-mail when your goods are collected and another e-mail when your goods are delivered complete with the name, 
time and date.

Q: How does Red Fox Delivery send me my receipt or invoice?

A: Yes, we are same day experts and deliver throughout Tampa Bay area every day.

Q: Do I need to open an account with Red Fox Delivery? 

Below are a range of questions we are regularly asked.

If the answer to your question is not here please call us now at 727-767-9819 or email us at admin@redfoxdelivery.com

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. However we do charge if you do not cancel an order and there is no Pick-Up when we arrive.


Q: What is your delivery radius?

A: No, we can pick up your package/commodity 24 hours a day and we can tailor pickup and delivery times to your needs and fit in with your requirements.

A: Yes, as we offer a dedicated delivery service all goods are secure and handled with care

Q: Can Red Fox Delivery make a same day delivery today? 

Q: Are your drivers bonded?

Q: Does Red Fox Delivery have a deadline for pick ups?

A: Customers that pay by credit or debit card will receive a receipt the same day via e-mail which is ideal
for those claiming on their expenses. Account customers will receive invoices weekly and these will be
supported by a monthly statement ideal for accounting purposes.

Q: Does Red Fox Delivery carry fragile goods?

Q: Will I be charged for canceling an order?

Q: Where can Red Fox Delivery pick up and deliver to?

A: No, we do have account facilities for frequent users but we also accept credit and debit cards.

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Red Fox Delivery 

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Email: admin@redfoxdelivery.com

A: We deliver everywhere within Florida

Q: Does Red Fox Delivery provide a proof of delivery?

A: Yes.

A: We can pick-up and deliver throughout the Tampa Bay area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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